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Week 22: Trophic Levels, Symbolism in Art, McMurdo Station, Capoeira, and Crocodiles!

For their new session of Zoo classes, the kids are learning about food chains. This week, they learned about trophic levels.

Playing foxes and mice to demonstrate how trophic levels work.

Our kids are so happy to have class outside on such a beautiful winter day.

For Geo/World Culture Day, our kids learned what life is like for researchers on McMurdo station in Antarctica.

The kids loved being part of a game show about McMurdo station. Here, they are tearing into their prizes!


The kids are getting ready for their first cord test!

Happy Birthday to our sweet birthday girl!

Field trip to visit the crocs at National Geographic Museum!

We went on a bonus field trip with some other homeschool friends to the National Gallery of Art. Our awesome Art Historian parent in residence lead the kids in a lesson about how flowers are used as symbols in art.

After looking at art work, the kids made their own art with flowers.

One of our kids made a portrait of another kid in the group. So sweet!

Vampire and flowers!

Mandatory rides on the space walkway.

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