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Meet City Kids' Founder


Dr. Stacey Cohen is the founder and Executive Director of City Kids, operating since 2015. Stacey earned her Ph.D. from the English department at Howard University, and she also has training in K-12 education and special education. Prior to founding City Kids, Stacey worked as a college professor in New York and Washington, D.C., and she also taught at the Harvey Milk High School in Manhattan.  Stacey is dedicated to maintaining the excellence of the program as well as its sustainability for all of the kids who attend, including her own son.  Stacey founded City Kids on the principles of anti-racist and anti-bias education, and she is currently a member of  D.C. Area Educators for Social Justice, a project out of Teaching for Change.  Stacey lives with her partner, a local Jazz musician, and their son, who loves attending City Kids.  


"Anti-racist/anti-bias curriculum is a socially just practice, and it is also just good education."

     -Dr. Stacey Cohen

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