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City Kids Jazz Band!

For our World Cultures & Geography unit on North America, our kids had a lesson on Jazz, an original American art form! Kenny Rittenhouse, one of our parents, is a professional Jazz trumpeter, and he gave the kids a Jazz appreciation lesson that included some of the Jazz greats, a brief intro into the history of Jazz, and improvisation. They also had an hour long interactive jam session with a Jazz quartet; the musicians answered the kids' questions through demonstration, which allowed a real-time give and take between our eager kids and these fabulous, professional musicians. The kids brought their own instruments to play along at the end, but they also got to make hosaphones, homemade trumpets made from tubes and funnels. Watch out for City Kids Jazz Band coming to a park near you!

Scroll down to watch a short video of some of the music our kids got to hear today!

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