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City Kids Visits Do Ho Suh: Almost Home

Architecture dominated our Exploring Arts program this year; led by Phaedra Siebert, an Art Historian and City Kids parent, our kids have explored the architecture of D.C.'s buildings, mosques, and art works, to name a few lessons. For our last Exploring Arts class of the year, Ms. Siebert took City Kids to visit Do Ho Suh: Almost Home. The exhibit is a study in the beauty and painstaking efforts of what it means to bring a sense of home with us wherever we go. As Phaedra Siebert explains, "This exhibition explores the emotional aspects of architecture and some of the ways that the artist tried to bring his childhood home with him as he travelled, studied, and worked across the globe." This exhibit is temporarily located at The Smithsonian American Art Museum--see it while you can!

Following our tour of the artwork, Ms. Siebert led our kids in a hands-on project that included recreating the facades of their own homes. Life is good when the Smithsonian American Art Museum is your classroom!

After their lesson, some of the kids stopped to enjoy some of their favorite exhibits in the building.

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