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Just go outside!

A lot has been said about kids needing to be in nature and that schools are cutting too much recess. There is a plethora of research that shows that it is all true. But as a parent, I do not even need to see the research. It's a real thing--kids are are healthier, more content, have less anxiety, and are generally happier when they have time outside. In City Kids, we try to find as much time to be in nature, have lessons outside, and include nature science as a regular part of our program. Of course, there are draw backs; depending on the weather, it can be buggy, muddy, and hot. It's not as if a walk in the woods is always like being in a Bob Ross painting. But we do know that time outside is necessary for kids' mental and emotional well-being, as much as it is for their physical health. Luckily, we can customize as much as we want, and many of our families agree that kids need time to learn and play outside. Check out our kids at their end of year picnic celebration in the spring. These are happy kids!

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