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City Kids visits a recycling plant!

City Kids recently visited a recycling plant to give our kids a better understanding of why we recycle and the proper way to do so. The kids had an introductory lesson about recycling that included how to recycle, how the recycling gets sorted, and the dangers of recycling improperly. Then we had a tour of the plant; it was super loud in the plant, so we were all given ear plugs--we had to scream at each other to talk. Visiting the plant was educational in many ways; we learned about recycling, of course, but it is also eye opening to see first hand how difficult those jobs are. Working in a recycling plant is physically and mentally demanding, and there are hazardous conditions as well. So, please read up on how to recycle properly--someone else is on the other end of your trash, and they depend on us to recycle our garbage appropriately. Click on this link to get some tips on how to recycle safely: And if you have the chance, visit your local plant!

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