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Love it and learn it through physical activity!

Every week in City Kids, our kids do Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art form that incorporates self defense, dance, acrobatics, music, instruments, song, and Portuguese. Those who are accomplished capoeiristas, elegantly fly through the air, seeming to defy physics, keeping to the beat of the music the whole time. Our kids have only been doing Capoeira for a little over a year, but they love it! They are always practicing their moves, and several parents have reported that their kids happily sing the songs they learn in class, at home.

Because of our focus on world cultures, Capoeira has been a natural fit and a wonderful opportunity for City Kids; learning a martial art, dance form, or music from other countries exposes our kids to cultures they may not previously have known anything about, and because they learn through physical activity, they love it and learn it just that much more. Below, you can see our budding Capoeiristas engaging in musical call and response with their instructor, practicing their moves, and enjoying a mindful rest. Divertir-se!

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