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Kay WalkingStick

In City Kids, we celebrate the Indigenous people of North America by learning about their culture, their art, their way of life, and their stories. This past week, we went to the National Museum of The American Indian where Phaedra Siebert, an Art Historian and City Kids parent, guided our kids through a few of the exhibits. Our first stop was "Our Universes," where we talked about the different patterns in some of the clothing and everyday, useful objects in the Lakota and Santa Clara tribes. Following, we visited the Kay WalkingStick exhibit where we discussed a few of the patterns in her work, some of which are similar to what we observed in "Our Universes." Much of WalkingStick's art illuminates her exploration of her own Cherokee heritage; her art is emotional, instructional, searching, and beautiful. After going through these exhibits, our kids worked on a weaving project that helped them process and explore what they learned.

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