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Super Friends!

Today, one of our kids learned to ride a bike for the first time! Learning to ride a bike is a special time for a child; they feel a newfound sense of freedom and independence, navigating the world as they balance and pedal as fast as their legs can take them. What made this experience even more special is that the rest of our kids, confident on their bikes, took the time to teach their friend how to ride. All on their own, with no suggestion or intervention from adults, these super kids taught their friend to ride for her first time. One child gave her his bike, secured his helmet on her head, and ran next to her the whole time. All the kids yelled, "you can do it!" And when she lifted her feet, started to pedal, and glided away, they all yelled, "you're doing it!" Our new rider was brave, determined, and trusting of her friends; her helpers were patient and encouraging. These are some of the most amazing kids I know, and I just want to give them the shout out they deserve. Happy riding!

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