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Week 20: Fossils, Introduction to France, Valentine's Day, Capoeira, and the Hillwood Museum!

This week, City Kids continued learning about adaptations in the animal kingdom. Specifically, they learned what we can figure out about adaptations from studying fossils.

One of our kids got a piggie back ride from their teacher on our Zoo walk because she lost the soul of her shoe. Super sweet!

Digging for fossils!

Continuing with our unit on Europe this week, City Kids had an introduction to France, Monet, and Pascal.

The kids used this picture of one of Monet's paintings as their inspiration for their own art work.

They also learned about Pascal's triangle.

For Game Day, the kids played a lot of fun games, gave each other valentines, and drew valentine pictures to show what is in their hearts. :)

Charade relay race!

The kids played some fun mad libs games, which reinforced their knowledge of nouns, adjectives, and verbs. You can see by their laughing faces that the end product was hilarious!


The kids LOVE Capoeira music, and they are learning the lyrics, in Portuguese, of course.

For their field trip this week, City Kids visited beautiful Hillwood Museum and Gardens.

The kids made treasure boxes inspired by these beautiful boxes.

Oh, hello!

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