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Week 9: Winter Wild, Intro to African Geography, Capoeira, Sharp Farm, The American Art Museum, and

City Kids is back at the Zoo this week! This session, our kids are learning about how animals adapt to cold environments. For this week, City Kids learned what happens to the environment when seasons change.

The kids did an experiment with leaves that illustrates how

leaves change/lose their color.

The kids also did an experiment hiding and finding acorns to illustrate how squirrels store them for the winter.

This happened.

For geography/world culture day, we started our unit on Africa. Our kids learned about African geography, and then they learned a bit about Hieroglyphs and the Egyptian god Ra. They also listened to music from Africa while they worked.

To finish up the day, we walked over to Malcom X/Meridian Hill Park to play a World Cup Soccer game, and just to enjoy the beautiful

warmth and sunshine!

We headed back to Malxom X/Meridian Hill Park for game day. It was such beautiful weather--we didn't want to waste it! One of our parents brought airplanes for the kids to put together and play with. After the kids had time to play and enjoy the day, our Capoeria instructor came by and gave the kids their lesson in the park.

One of our older kids helping out one of our younger ones.

For our field trip, we went to Sharp Farm. They were having an open house with an educational program about how Native Americans and Pilgrims lived in the 1600s.

The kids also went on a hay ride; they were super excited when

we went through the river.

The corn maze was a hit, except the kids ran so fast through it,

the adults couldn't keep up!

We found our way out into a beautiful, expansive field.

Obligatory farm picture.

Some of our faimiles joined another local co-op group that invited us to interact with a conservator who was working on their piece, "Woman Eating" at the American Art Museum.

Over the weekend, some of our kids went to The Maryland Science Museum. We particpated in the Mousetrap Challenge, a team project that required us to build racers out of moustraps. We also celebrated one of our member's birthday while there. It was the end to a busy and fun week!

Sketching the design.

While their parents were busy watching vidoes of how to build moustrap racers, these two young engineers collaborated and built the body of their racer with no adult help.

We weren't the fastest, but we had heart! Go, City Kids, Go!

Another team from City Kids built a well-designed racer that really

went the distance!

Everyone cheered each other on, and the event was very family friendly. Thanks Maryland Science Center!

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