City Kids is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization located in Washington, D.C.  Our mission is to provide multicultural, science, literacy, and arts education, with a focus on anti-racist and anti-bias curriculum.  Through cooperative planning, community building, and educational partnerships, we provide academic and enrichment opportunities for all our families.  For fall 2020 - spring 2021, our classes will serve kids nine to thirteen years old, but kids a little older or younger will be considered.  We offer programming four days per week; how much the kids attend is up to each individual family.  Many of our activities are hands-on and project based, and we spend a lot of time in nature.  For a full description of our program, click here.  


We are an inclusive community, and our curriculum is secular; all interested families are encouraged to inquire.  Space is limited because we are a small program, but we consider everyone; if your family is interested, fill out a survey here.

Covid-19 Update:  Like a lot of educational programs, City Kids is working on a plan for the upcoming year.  We will not be renting our usual indoor space; rather, we will meet outside for fun activities like hiking, no-contact soccer, painting, exploring artwork across the city, and more.  Further, some of our classes will move online.  While together, all children and adults will be required to wear masks and stay at least six feet apart.