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Metro Adventures

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Metro Adventures helps students navigate the city by foot, bus, and train independently, confidently, and safely. Students will learn the city grid and how to read maps and schedules. Once the students are knowledgeable and confident, they will travel as a group and go on fun adventures without an adult.  They will also learn how to manage situations such as what to do if the whole group does not get on the bus together or what to do if they get off at the wrong metro stop. While the students are required to have cell phones on them, they will learn how to navigate mostly without them (cell phones can die, break, or lose connection underground).  The independent adventures may include activities such as going bowling, going to get ice cream, or going to a library or museum.  Parents will meet the group at their destination for pickup (or if it is a round trip, the students will come back to the original meeting place for pick up). 


-Students need to be mature enough to handle themselves without an adult


-If the instructor decides that a student is not able to move on to independent

travel with the group, they will not be able to continue with the class, and

refunds are not provided.  Please consider whether your child is mature enough

for a class like this before signing them up.


-Students are required to have a cell phone (while we do not rely on cell phones

for this class, they are required in case of emergencies). 

When: One to two Mondays per month (September - May), 11:00 a.m. start time.

Where: Meeting locations will vary.

Target Age: 13 - 16 years old.  Younger students will not be admitted; older students are


Please contact us at to register.

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