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In class Feb 7 first pic
STEM Class
Arrow Soldering
Roscoe and Seneca on his computer

Information for our 2023 - 2024 STEM classes will be available soon.  Please inquire at for more information. 

City Kids has a wonderful STEM teacher who has been with the kids for several years.  She works with them on coding, motors, circuits, soldering, and more.  This year, 2022 - 2023, our students are working on robotics, building remote control robots from scratch!  Check back with us to see what our STEM program for 2023 - 2024 will be.

*The STEM classes are open to students who participate in our other academic classes.
*Classes are held on Tuesdays.

In the past, City Kids ran various other successful science programs, including
 engineering, physics, anatomy, natural sciences, robotics, and more.  Prior to Covid-19, we utilized resources all over the D.C. metro area so that our kids could explore and learn in a wide variety of environments.  Some of our excursions have included educational treks through the woods with rangers and naturalists, stream health studies, seining in the Chesapeake, pond dipping, geology, learning about invasive species in our national parks, meeting with the EPA to learn about cleaning up the Anacostia River, and much more.  Because of Covid-19, many of these programs are on hold, but not forever.  Please check back for updates.


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