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City Kids' Natural Sciences Program

This year, City Kids has a full and exciting Natural Sciences program. We will be visiting and working with organizations all over the D.C. metro area for our classes. For our first Natural Sciences' trip, we visited Earth Conservation Corp and took part in a workshop focused on educating kids about water quality monitoring and clean up. The kids met with the EPA to learn about river pollution and the D.C. water filtration system. We also took a ride on the Anacostia to see first hand what local organizations are doing to clean up the river. City Kids is dedicated to learning about the environment and how to be good stewards of our natural resources. Kids are natural environmentalists--they have a hard time understanding why we would pollute our own water. Therefore, it's never too young to teach kids how to help clean up the environment--if they have the knowledge and the tools, kids will do the right thing. (Except maybe they won't clean their rooms--so there's that. :))

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