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City Kids' Summer Culture Swap!

This summer, some of our City Kids' families traveled together to show each other their favorite ice cream shops, meet the grandparents, and have some awesome classes along the way. Check out some of the amazing times we had together!

City Kids in Coney Island!

Night out at the beach!!!

Let's go Cyclones!!

Adulting on vacation is so hard.

Hands up!!!

Annual Coney Island Sand Sculpture contest!

In this blur are two of our parents screaming.

Our own Phaedra Siebert, Art Historian extraordinaire, took the kids on a tour of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Because even on vacation, there is always time for a lesson, City Kids' style.

Off to Atlanta, where the kids all stayed together in a big house, hosted by the Aunt and Uncle of some of our kids. They had a lesson in architecture and book making.

The kids (and some parents) had a lesson in blacksmithing from a local Atlanta artist and blacksmith. Who says kids and fire don't mix?

Water tubing and water skiing! The kids all got tossed from the tube at some point. I should probably say we do not endorse dragging your kids at top speed from a speed boat while they desperately try to hang on to a rubber tube, while laughing.

First time water skiing for this City Kids' dad!

In Atlanta, there is a park where anyone is allowed to spray paint. This is what ecstatic kids look like.

On to Chapin, South Carolina! Our first night we did had a family sail. We took off just before sunset. It was peaceful, serene, and quiet. Except for all the kids. :)

Endless kayaking!

Let the sailing lesson begin!

A lot of lake swimming went on, and a lot of lake cleaning, at least for this environmentally friendly kid who was trying to save the lake from an invasive species of weed.

Grandparent and teacher extraordinaire with his sailing students.

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