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Revitalizing Urban Spaces

Next to our Capoeira Studio are wild gardens, once planted and tended. For some time, they had not had much attention, but with the initiative and hard work of one of our parents, the permission and encouragement of our Capoeira studio, FICA D.C., and help from our kids, we are reinvigorating and reinventing the space. It was quite a bit of work to pull the existing weeds, grass, and old plants. But underneath were the bare bones of a garden, complete with a little stone bird bath.

We decided to plant a pollinator garden so that we can provide an urban space for bees, butterflies, and maybe some pollinator birds. Many cities are trying to reinvent themselves, rethinking the ways green spaces can work in urban environments, and sometimes there are spaces right under our noses that, with a little care, can become an urban oasis.

For kids living in the city, it is especially important that they have a connection to the natural world and that they are taught to see the green through the grey. If your kids are also urban gardeners, please share your pictures and experiences with us!

*Special thanks to Ginkgo Gardens, who helped our kids choose plants and seeds for our special garden. If you are in need of gardening help, check them out!

Ginkgo Gardens!

Let the gardening begin!

Adventures in gardening: mud bath anyone?

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