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City Kids Service: bundling diapers!

As part of our service program, City Kids volunteered at D.C. Diaper Bank. They provide 100,000 diapers to parents in need every month! Since opening, they have provided 5,000,000 diapers to families. Food stamps and WIC benefits cannot be used for diapers, but diapers are a huge expense, and they are a necessity. D.C. Diaper Bank also functions as a gateway for other services that these families might need for their children, so diapers are just the beginning.

Today, we were happy to have the opportunity to volunteer for D.C. Diaper Bank so that we can be part of the solution for some of these families. Our kids watched a short video about why the bank does what it does, and they learned about some of the families who have benefited from the bank. After that, we got to work! We estimated that as a group we bundled around 10,000 diapers in under two hours. It sounds impossible, but we all worked diligently, and the kids LOVED working there. If you would like to volunteer or donate diapers or money, please visit their website:

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