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Native American history, culture, and traditions.

As part of our World Cultures program, City Kids always incorporates a unit on Native American culture, history, and traditions. This year, we were honored to have a visit from a member of the Piscataway Nation and a member of the Seneca Nation visit our kids to give them a lesson about traditional dance. They brought some traditional clothing and instruments, and they engaged the kids in several dances, such as the Eagle and Snake dances.

Here at City Kids, we learn about other cultures because it's interesting and fun, but we also feel strongly about incorporating cultural learning into our curriculum because it is only when we truly love and celebrate other cultures that we can begin to treat everyone with respect and care. Native American history is a part of everyone's history in this country. It does not matter how long someone's family has been here--there is no history that can be told about this country without giving consideration to the Native Americans who have always been here. And that is why City Kids always takes the time to celebrate the oldest culture in this land, and we hope we have inspired you to teach your kids to celebrate Native American culture as well. To get you started, you can read books to your child about other kids who happen to be Native American, such as Meet Naiche by Gabrielle Tayac. And if you are in the D.C. metro area, stop in to the National Museum of the American Indian; their book store is full of beautiful and fantastic children's literature.

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