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City Kids Service.

City Kids has started a service program this year; we want to give back to our community in ways that include children's participation. While many service organizations rely on volunteers to run, not all volunteer activity is suited for young children, and, for wise and practical reasons, many organizations do not allow young children to volunteer. Therefore, it can be challenging to find programs for young kids who are often eager to lend a helping hand. This week our kids visited A Wider Circle; they provide quite a lot for families and individuals in need, including clothing, furniture, kitchen ware, and toys. During orientation, our kids learned about the different ways A Wider Circle helps people, from providing them with clothes for work to beds to sleep in. Our kids also learned the importance of serving people with dignity, including the way we carry ourselves on site to the level of quality that is expected in donations. The kids learned how to sort through donated items, only picking out the items that are of excellent quality to bring upstairs into the showroom for the clients. All of A Wider Circle's clients can take the items they need, free of charge.

Organizations like A Wider Circle are committed to providing people in need with a deep sense of respect and care. And they never close their doors, EVER. They are open 365 days out of the year--poverty does not take any days off, so they don't either! City Kids is honored to be allowed to participate and help out, and we hope to return on a regular basis. If you can donate to this needed and valuable organization, please do. And please consider volunteering with the whole family! If you would like to learn more about A Wider Circle, please visit:

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