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A day on the farm!

Here at City Kids, we like to make time to just have some fun! During a full day at a local farm, the kids watched a dog show, went on a wagon ride, watched pig races, played in a giant pile of corn, had a short pumpkin growing lesson from a truly hilarious farmer, picked pumpkins, went down some slides, jumped on giant pillows, chased each other around a corn maze for an hour (at least!), and toasted more marshmallows than anyone needs to eat. City Kids knows how to party! Here are a few pics of our kids enjoying a day on the farm.

In this picture, the kids are holding their own democratic elections to decide who is the leader through the corn maze. They realized that just running without a plan was not working. They also figured out a coded system to mark the trails they had already walked. The adults followed behind, wondering when the kids would get us out. It was all sorts of awesome.

In this picture, children are happily getting corn, um, everywhere!

Last but not least, our friend the bee, who shared in our marshmallow treats. This bee knows what's up.

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