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Headline: City Kids Visits the Washington Post!

City Kids is starting off the year with a unit on civics! With all of the strife going on in our country right now, it is important that our kids learn about what it means to be an active and informed member of their community. To begin, our kids learned about what it means to be a journalist, to ask tough questions, and to write down what you find out so that other people can have access to that information too. One of our parents is a journalist for The Washington Post, and he took time out to teach our kids about how a journalist does their job and why it is so important. For our field trip, he followed up his amazing lesson with a tour of the Washington Post!

Our kids got a quick cooking lesson from the cook at The Post who publishes recipes. She even let them help!

The kids had an opportunity to listen to a journalist's perspective on the importance of collecting facts rather than opinion, how never to be afraid to ask a question, and about the small matter of how to interview a President!

Our kids finished off the day with a picnic lunch in Franklin Square, where they also pretended to be working for a newspaper called "Mini News." They hand delivered small sheets of "news" to the people who passed by or to those sitting down for lunch. Maybe our kids will be inspired to become journalists one day. Or not. But they definitely have a better understanding of how information is collected, written down, and published for everyone to access. Thanks for an awesome day, Washington Post!

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