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It's a co-operative thing.

Here at City Kids, we have learned that parents' individual talents and passions are essential to the happiness and growth of our co-op. When parents have the opportunity to share something with the co-op, the kids learn that all adults, not just those labeled "teachers" have special things to share. When they first join our co-op, many of our parents are unsure about leading activities, especially if they have never taught before, and it is a good reminder that kids are often expected to perform and put themselves out there. When our parents lead a class, they are modeling public speaking and sharing, and often they are surprised to find that it is a fun and empowering exercise as well. Our kids have now become eager sharers--whether they are sharing a drawing, a story they wrote, or a book they like, they have become very comfortable sharing their work with a group. As for the adults, learning about each others' interests strengthens our community and deepens our appreciation for one another. I am grateful that I have amazing parents with varied expertise to lean on--my son has had countless, fantastic lessons because of the unique talents, interests, and personalities of our wonderful group of parents. City Kids is a truly supportive and cooperative community!

In the picture below, one of our moms, a former dancer, is giving the kids a ballet lesson. This lesson built on her previous World Cultures lesson about the origins and history of the art form.

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