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Urban Gardening!

City Kids' rooftop garden is flourishing! This week our kids harvested several veggies, enjoyed a blind taste test, and learnred how to thin out carrot sprouts and give lettuce a hair cut. While we are not without our challenges, such as the aphids that attacked our kale, our little urban garden is healthy and producing a variety of food. But the best part of our garden is that our kids are learning about the possibilities of urban farming. Urban farming is on the rise, and with good reason. People are realizing that with vision and creativity, cities can participate in producing their own food; and the more local our food sources are, the less of a carbon footprint we create. Hopefully, our wonderful little garden will inspire our kids to think outside the box about food production, about what it means for all people to have access to healthy food, and about how we utilize our city spaces.

Check out this video of Will Allen, an urban farmer in Milwaukee. He has dedicated his life to figuring out how to develop large-scale urban farming, and he has taught people all over the world how to do it. Allen's mission is to help people feed the world, and in so doing, he instructs us that farming is about kindness, collective good, and human decency. Thanks for the reminder, Will Allen!

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