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In World Cultures & Geography this week, our kids learned about some of the first navigators who used Wayfinding, the practice of navigating the open oceans sole by observing the stars, the sun, the movement of the ocean, and other signs in nature. We focused on the first people to navigate to and settle in what we call today The Pacific Islands.

To demonstrate how we might navigate our landscape very differently today, the kids went geocaching in the neighborhood, taking turns finding their way with a compass on a mobile phone. We found our way to a beautiful mural on the Latin American Youth Center, where we stopped to admire the art and talk about the message on the wall.

We finished by making Kundus, traditional drums from Papua New Guinea.

Somewhere along the way today, the kids were asked to think about a statement for our mindfulness project: "Not all those who wander are lost." That one will take more than a day for them to think about! :)

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