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Week 29: Creatures of the Deep, Ocean Pollution, Ice Molecules, Harvest time, Capoeira, and Anderson

KID Museum helped kick off our unit on Oceans of the World with hands-on activities related to bioluminescent creatures of the deep, constructing boats, and learning to tie string into netting.

Hello Anglerfish!

After KID Museum, we had a relaxing day at one of our family's home, snacking, riding bikes, enjoying the sunshine, and, of course, walking on stilts!

It really doesn't get better than this!

For our geography lesson about Oceans of the World, one of our parents taught the kids about temperature differences and winds in ocean currents. They did a few experiments illustrating the differences between salt and fresh water, and they watched a short video about the Pacific garbage patch so that they can better understand what is happening with pollution in our oceans.

Harvest Time!! We harvested a small amount of baby beet greens, baby spinach, and collard greens from our organic garden, just enough to help the garden keep growing!

Can you spy the fancy hedgehog in the picture?

For Game Day, the kids played games that helped them understand how water molecules work in different states of matter. Here, they are building ice molecules with clay and toothpicks.

Capoeira! The kids worked on their moves, and they made tambourines they will use in class next week.

The kids are quick on their feet as they get into their poses every time their instructor calls out a move.

Field Trip Friday! The kids went to Anderson House to learn a bit about the Revolutionary War.

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