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Week 23: Apex Predators, Aurora Australis, Gardening, Capoeira, and Ice Skating!

This past week at the kids' Zoo class, they learned about apex predators!

They also enjoyed the sunshine!

For Geography/World Cultures, the kids continued their lessons on Antarctica. We focused on cold water marine life adaptations, Aurora Australis, and penguins! Below, the kids are painting their own Aurora Australis pictures.

One of our moms brought in a frozen treat for the kids with a chocolate penguin on top, just to celebrate our coldest continent! That face says it all!

The kids wrote their very own penguin poems, and they presented them to each other with true penguin pride!

For our mindfulness project, we read a book about a little boy who takes it upon himself to do some guerilla gardening in his city. He helps to transform his grey city into a green wonderland.

The kids drew pictures of their own garden city-scapes.

After thinking and drawing about gardening, we stepped outside to plant our first seeds of spring in our new garden!

To start, we planted carrots, beets, and spinach. We are also going to plant collards, kale, and snap peas. The kids are so excited!


For our Arts Exploration trip about Antarctica, the kids went ice skating. Our art historian-in-residence-super-mom introduced the kids to documentary photography. They discussed the various purposes of photography and how documentary photography is different from other forms. Then they looked at some of the images from Shackleton's ill-fated expedition aboard his ship, Endurance. The kids were encouraged to document each other skating and just to have fun on the ice!

Who is holding up whom?

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