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Week 21: Animal Digestion, Presentations, Introduction to Antarctica, and KID Museum!

This past week at Zoo class, City Kids learned the differences between monogastric and ruminant digestion. They also had a chance to present to the class their projects that they have been working on for five weeks. The kids came up with their own animals and their unique adaptations, taking into account everything they have learned about how animals adapt to their environments.

One of our kids walking to class, so excited to show his teachers his presentation.

Visiting animals with ruminant digestion.

The alpacas were curious about the kids.

Presentation time!

We started our Unit on Antarctica this week; the kids learned what it is like to do research on the coldest continent, and they conducted several ice experiments.

This week, City Kids went to fabulous KID Museum. Continuing with our unit on Antarctica, the kids made thermometers and robot penguins. They also learned how batteries and circuits worked, and they had a chance to build their own circuits.

Mom photobombing her son!

Penguin robots are upon us!

Penguin robot dancing!

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