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This week, City Kids is celebrating LOVE & CARROTS, a local organization that helps businesses and individuals achieve their urban farming goals. Their mission is to “raise awareness about sustainability and biodiversity, while simultaneously addressing nutritional education, promoting physical activity, and increasing access to nutritious food, making urban environments more conducive to healthy living.” LOVE & CARROTS’ founder, Meredith Sheperd, “received the 2013 DC Mayor's Sustainability Award, 2014 Green America Award, and Business Insider's Top 50 New Businesses in America.” City Kids is proud and excited not only to have the chance to grow our own garden, but also, to be partnering with an organization that works hard to maintain sustainable and organic urban farming practices!

We are so excited that LOVE & CARROTS has installed our first food garden bed. The kids could not wait to get their hands in the dirt!


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