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Week 19: Opposable thumbs, Ancient Greece and archeology, the myth of Persephone, Socrates, and Arts

For Zoo class last week, City Kids continued their unit, Survival of the Fittest. They leared about various adaptations in primates, like the opposable thumb.

The kids were given several tasks to do without using their thumbs. It was not easy!

After class, the kids played in all the wonderful snow!

For Geography Day, we continued our lessons on Ancient Greece. Our kids learned how important archeology is when studying ancient cultures. They also learned about democracy and mythology in Ancient Greece.

The kids were enthralled as they listened to the myth of Persephone (of course, the child-friendly version). They also ate yummy pomegranate seeds, which are featured in the story.

For Game Day, the kids continued their lessons about the orginial Greek Olympics. They played some Olympic games and made golden laurel wreathes.

For their mindfluness project, the kids learned about Socrates, Greek philosphy, and questioning authority. Why, why, why?

For our Arts Exploration class this month, City Kids went to The National Gallery of Art to visit the exhibition, "Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World." The kids looked at sculptures to see if there were any clues about what was important to the ancient Greeks. They also learned a little bit about bronze casting. Afterward, they went to the concourse cafeteria to make casts of mythological monsters they made earlier in the week.

This is really the best part about City Kids :).

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