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Week 15: Intro to China, Capoeira, and Arts Exploration!

This week was our first week back, and the kids were SO EXCITED to be back at co-op! In between all the hugs and goofing around, we managed to do some fun activities! Continuing with our unit on Asia, our kids had an introduction to geography and culture in China. They learned about inventions and innovations in China as well as some of China's big celebrations, like Chinese New Year.

The kids made their own tangrams, a puzzle game that

originated in ancient China.

The kids also made their own Chinese New Year Lanters.

For Game Day, our kids played some traditional games from China. And they also had their first day back doing Capoeira after the break. The kids had a good lunch so that they had enough energy for all the exercise!

Can you tell that the kids were super excited to see their

Capoeira teacher?

This week we started our Arts Exploration program! We went to the Textile Museum to learn about some of the intrictate and beautiful textiles from China. The kids spent time looking at different fabrics, stitchings, and patterns.

They also learned about silk moths and even got to handle silk moth cocoons.

Following, the kids learned how to do a traditional Chinese stitch for their own stitching projects.

The museum also provided the kids with lots of fabric to explore and try on. Look at that beaming face!

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