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Week 17: Camouflage, Shakespeare, and The Renwick!

For their life sciences class at the Zoo, our kids learned about the many ways animals camouflage for survival.

Our kids are very sweet with each other, and they often hold hands

on their Zoo walks. :)

This week, our kids began their introduction to Europe, and one of our parents planned some fun activities about Shakespeare!

Our kids are always up for fun and activities, but our parents are such good sports too! Often, our parents join in the fun, which makes the activities that much more exciting for the kids, and us!

City Kids parents are awesome!

Our planned Game Day got cancelled, but City Kids parents rallied, and we planned a spontaneous trip to The Renwick Gallery. One of our parents took the kids through the galleries, pointing out how much material was used in each exhibit.

Then, under the beautiful glowing colors of the top floor exhibit, our parent presented each child with 100 pennies. After getting over the excitment of having money to build with, they played around with the different designs they could make with the materials.


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