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Week 16: Natural Selection, Japan, Lunar New Year, The Mindfulness Project, Capoeria, and The Japan

This week City Kids was back at the Zoo. The kids were all so excited to see their teachers after such a long break! They started off this session with a lesson about natural selection.

After learning about how animals adapt to their environments through natural selection, the kids created what they imagined could be bird adaptations. Following, they presented their creations to the group. They were all unique and creative!

For Geography/World Culture Day, the kids had an introduction to the culture, history, and geography of Japan. They learned about Haikus, Children's Day in Japan, and Samuri culture.

The kids wrote and illustated their own poems.

One of our kids, working hard on her Haiku.

The greatest poem ever!

Origami Samuri headwear.

For game day, our kids learned about the historical relationship between China, Japan, and Korea. They also learned about the Lunar New Year traditions of each country.

This week, City Kids started their Mindfulness Project. Every week, we will focus on a word/concept that encourages us to consider how to be mindful. This week, the word was "sportsmanship."

The kids drew their own stories that illustrated the concept of sportsmanship, and they presented their ideas to each other.

In anticipation of their Capoeira class, the kids had a good lunch. To make their lunch extra special, one of our moms made and brought in Moshi, a traditional Japanese New Year sweet treat. Yum!

After Capoeira, the kids colored with their instructor, drawing illustrations of their Capoeira moves.

For our field trip, and to follow up on our activities about Japan, City Kids went to the Japan Information and Cultural Center. They learned about the topography of Japan, some of the traditions of the Japanese New Year, and some traditional games that kids play in Japan.

We are in the year of the monkey!


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