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Week 13: Global Warming, Intro to Asia, Shiva, and Mask Making!

Our last class at the Zoo for our session "Winter Wild" ended with a lesson on how climate change affects animals, particualrly animals that live in cold climates.

The kids did an experiment that illustrated how animals are losing their environments in the Arctic due to climate change.

This week we began our Geography/World Culture unit on Asia with a lesson on India. Our kids heard a childrens' story from India about an alligator who is a trickster, and they learned about textiles, art, food, and India's national bird, the Peacock.

For a follow up lesson about India, we went to the Freer/Sackler Galleries for a workshop. The kids learned about the importance of the God Shiva and how to interpret a statue of him. They also discussed movement in scupture. Following, the kids visited the galleries that hold statues of various Indian deities.

The kids went back to the workshop room to make their own sculptures, inspired by what they had learned.

After the workshop, the kids played outside and had some lunch. They also found the perfect spot to practice being Shiva!

For our field trip this week, City Kids went to KID Museum for a lesson on mask making. The kids explored masks from various places all over the world, which fits right into our Geography/World Culture curriculum. Following, they made their own creative masks!

After our mask making, the kids played outside, ate their lunch, and climbed trees. A fun ending to an exciting week!

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