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City Kids' Super Parents!

In our blog posts, we usually feature the activities our kids do; their beautiful, inquisitive, and engaged little faces are wonderful to look at. But our parents are important, too. Without the collective participation of our very special parents, City Kids could not work. We all work together to make the co-op a fun and friendly place to learn and play; we are building our own wonderful, little family!

For this blog post, we would like to feature the beautiful cloth map one of our moms made us for our Geography/World Culture day. After she made it for the group, the other parents loved it so much, some started asking for their own. Now this mom is selling them on Etsy:

We love our map! And the best part is the kids

can handle it, and it won't rip!

Here is our mom with her two handsome boys.

And here she is at our co-op with our kids jumping on top of her!

(This is the good stuff, right here.)

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