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Week 7: Brazil, Yoga, and The Navy Museum!

Continuing with our unit on South America, our kids had a lesson about Brazil! They learned about carnival in Brazil, and they made their own masks and tamborines. The kids then got a lesson in Samba! We went on a short walk in the neighborhood, showing off our masks, tamborines, and newly learned Samba moves. Once we got back, the kids had a lesson in Capoeira! It was an exciting day!

For our game day, we decided to meet at Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park; it was sunny and beautiful outside, and we couldn't waste the day! One of our parents brought all sorts of fun outdoor games, and our yoga instructor met us at the park for our lesson!

Our field trip this week was to the National Museum of the U.S. Navy. The kids got a lesson on the history and function of some of the Navy's ships; following, they got to build their own ships. The designs were all unique!

Because our kids are used to having the parents rotate teaching, the kids will often ask a parent not their own to help them. One of the great things about homeschooling as a group is that our kids have an extended family they can count on, even to color a pink and purple ship!

And, of course, one of our littlest siblings had to get in on the action and crash her ship into the bigger kids. Is that a great face, or what?

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