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Week 5: Migrating Monarchs, Peru, Yoga, and Butler's Orchard!

For science class this week, our kids learned how Monarch butterfies develop and migrate. They learned about the Monarchs' annual cycle, what they eat, and the challenges they face during migration.

City Kids started their unit on South America this week! We began by locating North and South America on a globe, noting some of their geographical differences. One of our parents also planned an activity about Peru; we learned about the language and culture in Peru, and the kids did a weaving project that illustrated one technique used to make clothes there.

The kids also learned about the ecosystems and some of the animals in South America. Who doesn't love Piranhas, especially in those colors?

For game day this week, the kids played an animal game that helped them learn to differentiate between closely related animal species. One of our parents also introduced the kids to a drawing technique most had not done before. To round out the day, we had our new Yoga teacher for the first time!

At the end of the week, City Kids went to Butler's Orchard! They went on a hayride, picked pumkpins, and rode on the giant slides. It was a beautiful day at the farm.


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