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Week 1: Biomes, Picnicking, and The National Archives!

This week, our kids started their unit on North America! But because this was our first time at our venue, we started off talking about the rules for the co-op. Then we got down to business; we read about what some kids' lives are like in different parts of North America, we located where we are on the map, and we looked at pictures of different biomes in North America. The kids then made their very own biomes; they were all unique and creative! We had deserts, rainforests, tundra, taiga, deciduous forest, grassland, and even a my little pony fantasy biome!

This week, we also attended a local, annual not-back-to-school picnic in beautiful Rock Creek Park. We had a fun day of hiking, exploring, and hanging with the larger homeschooling community!

At the close of our week, one of our parents led us on a field trip to The National Archives to talk about the rules for the country (hey, we were talking rules for the co-op, so why not?!?!) Our kids got a lesson about The Magna Carta and The Contstitution. After the Archives, we went across the street to the Sculpture Garden to paint our own interpretive Constitutions. School doesn't get better than this!

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