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City Kids is on the move!

Welcome to City Kids News! This is a blog about City Kids Cooeprative, a D.C. area, parent-run program for kids ages 4-9. Our main focus is science and geography/world culture, but we do lots of other exciting things, like field trips every week! Our parents share responsiblity for teaching our children geography/world culture, and our kids take science classes at the National Zoo and science workshops at KID Museum.

At the end of the summer, City Kids met at The National Zoo for a meet and greet to kick off the fall season. Our kids played in the pizza playground while the adults chatted about the upcoming year. It's always nice for kids to have a chance to get to know one another before starting any program, and because our parents are also our teachers, it is important for the kids and parents to have a chance to meet and hang out.

At our meet and greet, we had a fabulous sunny day, and the kids had fun exploring, laughing, running, and learning. We started at the farm and eventually made our way to Amazonia. The kids played together like they were already friends; even the younger siblings joined in the play. What a fabulous start to an exciting year!

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