City Kids' Principles

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City Kids is an inclusive community; we welcome families of varied cultures, beliefs, traditions, sexual orientations, and gender identities.  In City Kids, we extend genuine love, respect, and friendship to all our families; it is our expectation that regardless of one's personal views that participants abide by our policies and by our anti-bias, anti-racist principles.

We promote anti-racist and anti-bias education so that all of our children can feel good about themselves, and so that all of our children can grow up to be advocates for social justice.  

We believe in teaching from the perspective of resistance; the accomplishments and resistance movements of marginalized people should always be at the center of our teachings.  


Children should be outside and in nature as much as possible.


Children should have time to have free play.  When children have free play, they learn important social skills while having fun.

City Kids' program is secular.  We encourage our families to share their cultures, but our curriculum is secular.


Cooperation is key!  Every family shares in the responsibility to make City Kids a fun and engaging place for our children so that the program becomes an extended family for everyone.


City Kids is dedicated to creating a bully-free environment.  A caring and supportive environment is important for children to feel safe, have fun, and learn.  As a small program, all parents are dedicated to creating a positive experience for the group.