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Field Trips

Jumping Ballon
Af Am Museum
Best Wiley pic
Ice Skating Crew
Metro Adventures at the wharf
Frederick Douglass' House
Ice Cream
Comic book shop
Fire pit happiness
Underground Railroad 2
Underground railroad 1
Hanging out
Nat Geo 1
Alvin Ailey 3
Running with friends Sept 24
Portrait Gallery Oct 3
Great Falls Second Pic 2_24_23
Great Falls Third Pic 2_24_23
Student Presentation 1
Lakota Music Project
Yayoi Kusama Exhibit at Hirshorn
Kenny Kayaking Seneca chilling

City Kids goes on a field trip in the D.C. metro area every Friday.  Our trips include museums, cultural institutes, theatre, local businesses, science-related trips, and much more.  Often, our field trips are related to what our students are learning in their academic classes, and our students have the chance to deeply engage the material they are learning in the classroom.  Sometimes, the field trips are just for fun, like our yearly trip to a farm where the kids roast marshmallows and compete against their parents in tug of war.  Using the city as our classroom provides our students with a unique perspective on what learning can be.  

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