City Kids is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization located in Washington, D.C.  Our mission is to provide multicultural, science, literacy, and arts education, with a focus on anti-racist and anti-bias curriculum.  Through cooperative planning, community building, and educational partnerships, we provide academic and enrichment opportunities for all our families.  For fall 2019 - spring 2020, our classes will serve kids nine to thirteen years old, but kids a little older or younger will be considered.  We offer programing four days per week; how much the kids attend is up to each individual family.  Many of our activities are hands-on and project based, and we spend a lot of time in nature.  For a full description of our program, click here.  


We are an inclusive community, and our curriculum is secular; all interested families are encouraged to inquire.  Space is limited because we are a small program, but we consider everyone; if your family is interested, fill out a survey here.